I have worked with classical design for over ten years. Search, plan, draw, prototype and produce. Analyzing and predicting the need of something, finding its form and function, and designing it. Once the production is inline, we can only get repetitions of it. 


While working on this system, I played several roles and gathered different experiences. I recognized that my design attitude was not only taking into account the product but the process too. I developed proposals by taking into account the multiple factors and stakeholders, in a holistic approach. May it be to feed an internal bureaucratic system of a multinational company or to manage costs constraints in a small structure, expanding the inner circle of influence and relationship was always a key factor.


It was when I got the news of an all time low eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) at the company I was working for, that I started to grow my interest in Design Thinking. I invested in strategy theory (Monika Kostera, Tim Brown, Ricardo Semler...), aspects of sociology  and psychology of relations (Zygmunt Bauman, Michel Foucalt, Leandro Karnal, Marsha Lineham...), and the crossing this information with my all time favorite pedagogy method by Paulo Freire. All this with the objective is to design workshops that dismistify Design Thinking and takes the memorization of tools out its construction. And, at the same time turn my career from product to process.


Sustainability for me is taking into account this external circle on the everyday and on long term projects. Analyzing and adapting systems can lead us towards a sustainable goal. I rely on my personal and professional learning to relate to the individual's role in organizations and collaboratively explore strategies that reflect their needs and talents as well as the company's target, and finally the world. 


The goal is to search for the best ways to work collectively, exploring possibilities and solutions, gathering data from experiences and being able to continue providing its learnings back into better products, services and processes. 


Creative consulting is an exercise of learning that happens both ways. I specialize in finding the best methodology to get groups working together and mediate meetings in order to nurture and flourish inner talent for problem solving or opportunity exploration. 


Getting to know the team is a crucial part and being open for adapting and improving the process is an open and honest communication between us. Below you can find the skeleton for Creative Consulting. Please note that this will create the frame for us to work together. 

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