TREND RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS - Confront Numb or Escape. ANGR, BOREDOM and CRAZY. Research based project that aims to predict consumer behavior and trends. In a world of excessive data and easy access the coexisting generations are constrained to reaction. The speed of life peaks year after year and is building a personality of creative response. 

ANGR - Keeping quiet is simply not an option anymore. "How dare you?!" echoes in your mind as the only way we have to deal right now. I don't agree with your norms and I won't follow them. I dress to make a statement, we are not quiet. You won't see me in a Punk costume, there's a difference between angry and hysterical. I won't dress up. I won't impress. I believe in the practicality if they have holes in it, they're doing it's job.


CCP - adidas 



- Trend analysis and research for the Training BU

- Present results to the Brooklyn Farm


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