Brasiliana was the second to hit the stores. The apparel design project counted with the influence and creativity of Pedro Nekoi briefed with the objective to explore the Brazilian fauna in a collage aesthetic while I developed the apparel and supported the creative direction of the project. Heavily communicated, Brasiliana's guided holistic and x-functional approach was an experience that influence my leadership strategy within the company.



STRATEGY: With the success of the project City Dive, developed for Argentina the local markets were now open for delivering on the target to raise brand awareness with this method. This project was a significant milestone on my journey within adidas. I was responsible fro the project from contract to brief and deliver and with the growth of interest and approval in both market and headquarters this collection was placed in 4 different countries and counted with major investment on the production of campaigns, activations and partnerships. 

Adidas Training BU

Open Source Project


- Selection of artists, brief development and support in the process of the creation of the prints 

- Liaison with cross function team, adaptation of calendars and structure for dual sourcing

- Apparel design


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Pedro Nekoi - BR