CITY DIVE                                        


The first start-to-finish Open Source project developed in adidas with an exclusive local market. City Dive played a major role in structuring of the design process and the expansion of the range of assets to contribute with the label. Working with the illustrators Cythia Alonso, Margarita Cubino and Vero Escalante on a Women-to-Women design process generated local interest and played a major role in the connection to the local consumers. 

Vitor Bastos for adidas

Open Source Project


- Selection of artists, brief development and support in the process of the creation of the prints 

- Liaison with cross function team, adaptation of calendars and structure for dual sourcing

- Apparel design


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Vero Escalante - AR

Cythia Alonso - AR

Margarita Cubino - AR

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