The collection is composed of classic woolen jackets reinterpreted and tightened in the body, deconstructed shirts and pants garnished with handmade golden metal glasses and with borrowed United Nude shoes, called Porn, from a shop in porto. I mixed the music myself. The rather long intro of Diamond Dogs, the album and a Ratatat switch in the end. This collection won the award of best collection at the contest Jovens Criadores in Lisbon in Portugal and was at the European young creators presentation on the following year in Skopje, Macedonia. 

Vitor Bastos

Apparel and Range Design for Contest


- Concept, music and ambience for presentation

- Liaison with manufacture

- Apparel and accessories design

- Styling

As seen:

FINALAsset 129@4x.png
FINALAsset 127@4x.png