The second part of the personalization of the design process reflects the approach of life through the lens of Death. Life And Death surges as a conversation with the work of Marina Abramovic with the same name, and reflect of the growth of the label into unexplored destruction process that compose the garments that were sometimes reutilized, appropriated or done and undone, in the case of the knitwear pieces.


Part of the brand expansion project was to offer experiences and tackle different areas of creativity and offer a 360º image for the brand V!TOR. In 2011 the Death Celebration Dinner was a partnership with the chef Luiz Saldanha and the hotel Miss'OPO in a 3 hour performance of Life and Death. 



Collection Design


- Creative Direction

- Concept and ambience of presentations

- Liaison with manufacture and suppliers

- Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Design

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