MODALISBOA: After visiting FYROM, or Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia to represent Portugal at the European Contest of Young Creators in 2009 I came across a country with an identity crisis. Rough or soft. Orange or Blue. Male or Female. Macedonia and its identity duality was the inspiration for the development of this collection that represented the constant metamorphosis of a suppressed culture on itself.

Version one of Macedonian Identity was shown in Berlin, part of the HBC Designer Scouts events. It was about real and fake materials. Wrong Materials maybe. A shoe leather scarf. A woolen t-shirt...The collection was never seen twice the same way... its pieces fragmented into new pieces and hopefully are living and transforming until today.

PRESS: The collection pieces were interpreted into space at the Key.TO sustainability trade fair in Berlin. Cut into pieces by a collective of jewelers guided by Marilia Mira at the Estoril Fashionart Festival on the same year and photographed as image of the event.


Collection Design


- Creative Direction

- Concept and ambience of presentations

- Liaison with manufacture and suppliers

- Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Design


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