Closing in an upbeat vibe, the third and last part of the emotional trilogy of design creation is a wish more than a reflection. No rules or expectations were guidelines into creating a new life design. Cats, pugs, unicorns, rainbows... And no need to explain why. Inspired and inspiring the seapunk Tumblr scene in Europe, Reborn played a major role in breaking the boundaries of who is/are/am V!TOR.

In response to the proposal of partnership with 3-clic, a Spanish/Swiss based HTML5 company, we exercised a collective effort of individual creativity. Individuals having fun on the streets of Madrid while filmed by the crew was a project that reflected my dream of expanding the area of action of the brand and of fashion as a stament. 

This disruptive communication project was designed to raise awareness and invest on an accessible version of the fashion events. Only by participation on the tunicornify challenge of this 2012 campaign people would be able to attend the catwalk show in Lisbon fashion week. 


Creative direction and Production. V!TOR's brand construction and image development grew as the possibilities and connections grew. Partnering with Video Directors and editors was essential to expand the concept and creative direction of every collection designed. V!TOR grew into a multimedia platform due to the collaborator and exchanges with its contributors


Collection Design


- Creative Direction

- Concept and ambience of presentations

- Liaison with manufacture and suppliers

- Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Design

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