Market leader in the menswear swim design in Brazil, the collections were developed at CCSP with close relationship to key accounts and major players in the field. The course of designing the necessary items and exploring possibilities to expand the price range of the mens brief resulted in the market expansion. In womenswear  the design to cost project of the Essence Swimsuit made possible to play in the unexplored and much need field of the good level products.

STRATEGY: In order to maintain the relevance of the SWIM Business Unit presence in the menswear field this strategy portfolio was developed in partnership with Aldo Arriaga after the restructuring of adidas and the beginning of the development of these items by the international team.

GRAPHIC: Alongside apparel design, the swimwear business unit of Adidas in Brazil had very specific needs that weren't covered by the international range. Responsible for the development of the all over print, and print placement designs was inherent to the collection development.

Vitor Bastos for Adidas Swim

Strategy, Apparel and Range


- Creative Direction 

- Apparel and Graphic Design

- Workflow and Expansion of Creativity Project


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