This collaborative exhibition was the result of a journey of the collection of peoples view on how to engage better with each other and with the community. In the first phase, we designed the wall (image below) that would be home for all those feelings and ideas shared with us. 

The result exceeded our expectations and the more cards we printed the faster they were filled. At the end of the semester, I was responsible for the experience/space design of the Exhibition.

In order to showcase the cards and the process before and after the research prior to the exhibition, the design of the space took advantage of the structure of PNCA. We brought plants, couches, and lamps to create a comfortable space. Once again we invested in the interaction between the cards, the ideas, and the people. We created an interactive wall for people to respond to the main concerns and struggles we found on the cards. 

Alongside music and the aesthetic, the food was all homemade from integrants of the class and the school. Avoiding plastics and the gallery food, enforcing it's house party concept. Pictures by Emilie Jensen.



SPACE REDESIGN: For the latest chapter of this journey, we joined PNCA on the open studios for DWP (Design Week Portland). We proposed a Visual Facilitation Drive-Thru that mapped our guest's challenges and got them closer to the solution. DWP was also the official announcement of the magazine Radicle, done by the team. The proposal was an overcoat of creativity on top of the last exhibition + our main tool of work: the sticky notes.



Coordinations of 2 Collective Exhibitions



- Management of designers, space design and redesign. 

- Special thanks to Adrienne Grimes and Audrey Lewis for the support. And for PNCA and DWP for the communications.

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Kate Baker - US

Mijounga Chang - US

Adrienne Grimes - US

Emilie Jensen - US

Audrey Lewis - US

Leah Payne - US

Katie Scott - US