Tropicana was the first graphic to hit the stores on this Open Source project. Responsible for the selection, brief and guidance of the 3D artist, Pedro Veneziano was a joyful journey of co creation that resulted in the Tropicana range. Originally targeted for Brazil, this print was present in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina and was the turning point of the design independence of the Creation Center São Paulo due to its success within the company (that heavily invested in the communication of the collection). This project was requested as a response to the growth of the Brazilian identity in the local design labels and to assure brand awareness in Latin America.

CAMPAIGN: Soon we were on a moving train of our own creation! Calendars were constantly being updated, the milestones were fragmented in three to align with the new additions, briefs were specifically made for each new artist, articles were requested from marketing, new samples and a great deal of negotiation by the Development team with the factories. The Market even promised to develop a communication campaign for the project, a big deal since South America, especially Brazil, was in a deep recession. 

The Concept to Consumer department in Argentina played a major role with communications launching the collection with an event in the rooftop of WEWORK Buenos Aires. Brazil invested in the visual campaign and animations as well as the connection with local influencers.

With the success of the project City Dive, developed for Argentina the local markets were now open for delivering on the target to raise brand awareness with this method. This project was a significant milestone on my journey within adidas. I was responsible fro the project from contract to brief and deliver and with the growth of interest and approval in both market and headquarters this collection was placed in 4 different countries and counted with major investment on the production of campaigns, activations and partnerships. 

Adidas Training BU

Open Source Project


- Selection of artists, brief development and support in the process of the creation of the prints 

- Liaison with cross function team, adaptation of calendars and structure for dual sourcing

- Apparel design


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Pedro Veneziano - BR